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GarmentBuyingAgents Privacy Policy

GarmentBuyingAgents ( hereinafter referred to as "GBA") is committed to safeguarding its users' privacy. We request all our users to read the following 'privacy policy' to understand how their personal & business information will be treated, as they make full use of our services to their benefit.

Collection of Information
GBA collects information from its users when they register to gain access to our services or at other specific instances when they are requested to provide us with their personal & business information. During registration, we ask the users for their name, email address, business information and other personal details. Once a user registers, he/she is no longer anonymous to GarmentBuyingAgents and it is deemed that the user has given GBA the right to publish the desired business & personal details throughout its Websites, including but not limited to, business directory, Social Networks, Subdomains etc.

When you are on our Website and are asked for personal information, you are sharing the information with GBA alone, unless it is specifically stated otherwise. Promotions that run on our network may be sponsored by companies other than GBA or may be co-sponsored by GBA and another company. Some or all data collected during a promotion may be shared with the sponsor. However, you can decide not to participate in the promotion if you don't want your data to be shared.

We also gather usage statistics such as pages viewed, number of unique visitors, browser software, screen resolution etc. for analysis that helps us provide you improved user experience and services.

This Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to an individual’s or entity’s use of GarmentBuyingAgents Products, Services and Web Site provided by GarmentBuyingAgents (“GBA”). As used in this Agreement, “We” means GarmentBuyingAgents, “You” means the applicant, “Products” means any books, directories, mailing lists, sales leads, research reports, “Services” means any service performed by GarmentBuyingAgents employees or Third Party Affiliates, “Site” means any means for viewing the Web Site electronically, including, but not limited to World Wide Websites, intranets or extranets, event names, event producers, and associated data delivered by GarmentBuyingAgents , and “Publishers” refers to the creators of any articles/advertorials to which we link.
There are no exceptions to the following terms and conditions.
All Free GarmentBuyingAgents Services are supported by contextual advertising. All other GarmentBuyingAgents Services are fee based services.
Return Policy ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND ALL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PERFORMED BY GarmentBuyingAgents ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-RETURNABLE. Due to the nature of the Products being sold and/or leased, GarmentBuyingAgents cannot accept returns of products once they have been delivered. You acknowledge that you have read all available information about the product before you place your order.

GarmentBuyingAgents make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding Products, Services and Web Site and/or any materials or information provided, all of which are provided on “as is” and “as available” basis. Products, Services and Web Site contain information that has been assembled using a combination of sources, including companies themselves. Every reasonable effort is made to provide timely and accurate data. However, there are inherent time delays and information contained herein is subject to rapid change and inconsistencies in the gathering and compiling of data. GarmentBuyingAgents can accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information or for loss or damage caused by any use thereof. GarmentBuyingAgents does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, currency, reliability or suitability of Products, Services and Web Site, or any content or data found on Products, Services and Web Site, and expressly disclaim all warranties and conditions, including implied warranties and conditions of merchantibility, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement, and those arising by statute or otherwise in law or from course of dealing or usage of trade.

Use of Products.
You acknowledge that GarmentBuyingAgents products, descriptions and other material (collectively, the “Products”) that are protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of GarmentBuyingAgents and in some cases third-party content providers.
You may not modify any of the Products, in whole or part.
You may not copy, publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute, redistribute, display, or in any way exploit any of the Products, in whole or in part, except as expressly permitted in this Agreement. Products may be accessed and downloaded only as required to view for individual use. A single copy that includes all copyright and other notices may be printed. Products are not to be republished or distributed, in part or whole, without written permission from GarmentBuyingAgents
You may not sell, license, sublicense, assign, transfer or otherwise economically exploit any of the Products, in whole or in part, to any party regardless of that party’s commercial status. Names are furnished for the confidential use of the Licensee only. Unauthorized use or conveyance to third parties is prohibited.

GarmentBuyingAgents List Use Agreement
a. The list and all information contained are the property of GarmentBuyingAgents
b. The Licensee agrees that no part of the list may be reproduced, used to enhance or add information to any other list, file or database, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise. The Licensee agrees to protect the list from such misuse while in possession of list.

You agree to permit GarmentBuyingAgents to display your company’s name, logo and URL on GarmentBuyingAgents’ web site, in GarmentBuyingAgents marketing and reporting literature, profile application, and any other advertising.

Use of Site.
You acknowledge that the Site contains descriptions and other material (collectively, the “Web Site”) that are protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of GarmentBuyingAgents and in some cases third-party content providers.
You may not modify any of the Web Site, in whole or part. Specifically, You must display the Web Site as headline hyperWeb Site that connect via a GarmentBuyingAgents url to the corresponding full-text profile/article on the site where the profile/article is published. You shall not be entitled to frame an article from a Publisher’s Site or any part thereof within the Your Site and You shall ensure at all times that each of the Web Site on Your site, when clicked, will not open in a frame. You agree that You will at all times conspicuously designate the Publisher as the source of the calendar content.
You may not copy, publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute, redistribute, display, or in any way exploit any of the Web Site, in whole or in part, except as expressly permitted in this Agreement.
You may not sell, license, sublicense, assign, transfer or otherwise economically exploit any of the Web Site, in whole or in part, to any party regardless of that party’s commercial status.
You may reproduce the Web Site on pages not powered directly by GarmentBuyingAgents, provided, however that the text of the headline and the link through the GarmentBuyingAgents domain remain unmodified, and the source attributed remains intact. You are not authorized to copy the text from any article, without the express permission of GarmentBuyingAgents or the Publisher.
You may write commentary around the Web Site, and sell advertising on the page which contains the Web Site but you shall be solely liable if such commentary and/or advertising violates or infringes on the rights of any Publisher.
The Web Site may not be used on Sites which We determine to be unsuitable.
Unsuitable Sites include those that:
* Promote sexually explicit materials
* Promote violence and/or illegal activities
* Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
* Modify the names of publishers or fail to give proper source attribution without publisher permission
* otherwise violate intellectual property rights

GarmentBuyingAgents Intellectual Property.

A. The Web Site on the Service contain a link to the GarmentBuyingAgents domain. You may not delete, disable, modify or hide this intermediate link to the GarmentBuyingAgents Site without written permission from GarmentBuyingAgents.

B. You must credit GarmentBuyingAgents for use of the Service via a hyperlink to the GarmentBuyingAgents web site at the bottom of any GarmentBuyingAgents Web Site. If the service does not include a default hypertext link to the GarmentBuyingAgents Site, you must attribute the credit by adding a GarmentBuyingAgents logo link, available in our Media Kit. The logo should appear either directly above or below your GarmentBuyingAgents Web Site, and should link viewers to /calendar/.

If the Service does include a default hypertext link to the GarmentBuyingAgents Site, you may not delete or modify the GarmentBuyingAgents Link without prior written permission from GarmentBuyingAgents.

You agree to permit GarmentBuyingAgents to display your site’s name, logo and URL on GarmentBuyingAgents’ web site, in GarmentBuyingAgents marketing and reporting literature, profile application, and any other advertising.

Responsibility for your Company.
GarmentBuyingAgents is an independent provider of Products, Services and Web Site. You are responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that materials used do not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party (including, for example, copyrights, trademarks, privacy, or other personal or proprietary rights).

Our Products, Services and Web Site may contain references and/or Web Site to companies, products and web sites which are owned and operated by Publishers (the “External Sources”). You acknowledge that GarmentBuyingAgents is not responsible for the availability of any External Sources. You should contact the companies for those External Sources if you have any concerns regarding such Products, Services and Web Site located on such External Sources.
While we will make commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the currency, accuracy and availability of our Products, Services and Web Site, we make no representation that the operation of our Products, Services and Web Site will be uninterrupted or error-free, and We will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.

We will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this Agreement or our Products, Services and Web Site, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Further, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees) relating to the use of our Products, Services and Web Site other than in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Reasonable Access.
GarmentBuyingAgents reserves the right to block your access to the Products, Services and Web Site if you are using it in excess of this provision or otherwise unreasonably within the sole discretion of GarmentBuyingAgents.

The Products, Services and Web Site available through GarmentBuyingAgents are delivered in accordance with the terms of a License Agreement. We may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and in our sole discretion, by posting a change notice or a new agreement on our Site. We may also choose to use commercially reasonable efforts to notify all users under this Agreement via any email addresses you provide to GarmentBuyingAgents. IF ANY MODIFICATION IS UNACCEPTABLE TO YOU, YOUR ONLY RECOURSE IS TO TERMINATE THIS AGREEMENT. YOUR CONTINUED UTILIZATION OF THE SERVICE FOLLOWING ANY CHANGE WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR BINDING ACCEPTANCE OF THE CHANGE.
Termination of Service. GarmentBuyingAgents reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to all or any part of Products and/or Web Site at any time for any reason without prior notice or liability.
Independent Investigation.


Limitation of Liablility.
You agree that GarmentBuyingAgents (and its agents, officers, directors and employees) are not liable for damages of any kind that accompany or result from your use of Products, Services and/or Web Site and any material posted in or on it.
If, notwithstanding the foregoing, GarmentBuyingAgents or any of the Third Parties should be found liable for any loss or damage which arise out of or is in any way connected with any of the functions or uses of Products, Services and Web Site or their content, the liability of GarmentBuyingAgents and third parties shall no event exceed in the aggregate $1 USD.

GarmentBuyingAgents reserves the right to, without notice, change Products, Services and Web Site, including without imitation with respect to products offered, product information, availability, content and pricing, and may at any time modify the Terms and Conditions of use of Products, Services and Web Site. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your use of Products, Services and Web Site will be conditional upon your acceptace of the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of your use.

These legal conditions govern the use of Products, Services and access to the Web Site. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions please do not purchase goods, services and exit this Site. By purchasing products, services and/or using this Site, you agree to comply with and to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Updation of Information
You can change your Business profile information by sending a request to  The requested changes may take upto 30 days to appear online because of verification process and server cache policies.

Google and the DoubleClick DART cookie
Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on our site.
Google's use of the DART cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to our users based on their visit to our sites and/or other sites on the Internet.
Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Changes in Privacy Policy
The policy may change from time to time so please check periodically.


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Fabric,1,invisible,1,Iron,1,ironmongery,1,işlemeli bayan giyim,5,Isreal,1,Italian Buying Office,1,Italian craftsmanship,1,Italian Fabric,1,Italian fashion house,1,Italian handbags,2,Italian leather,2,Italian Vogue,1,Italian Wool,1,Italy,20,Jacket,54,jackets,1,Jaipur,1,Japan,2,Japanese craftsmanship,1,Jean Fabric,5,Jeans,86,jeans distributor,1,Jeans Fashion,2,jeans supply,1,Jewelleries,1,jewellery,4,Jewellery Boxes,1,Jewellery Buyers,1,Jewellery gifts,1,jewelry,19,Jewelry Agents,2,Jewelry Findings,1,Jewelry Set,5,Jewelry Supplier,1,Jordan,1,Julie Haus,1,Jumper,1,Jumpsuit,1,Junior wear,1,kadın giysi üreticileri,21,kadın toptan giyim,20,Kaftans,1,Key Chain,4,Key Wallets,1,keychains,1,Kid's Apparel,1,kids,1,Kids Apparel,9,Kids bags,1,kids cap,1,Kids Clothing,7,Kids denim wear,1,Kids garments,3,Kids watch,1,Kids wear,11,Kids' Apparel,1,kitchen accessories,1,knit hat,1,knit shirt,1,knit sweaters,1,Knitting Fabrics,4,knitwear,7,konfeksiyon ihracatçıları,10,Label,1,Labels,6,Laces,4,Ladie Handbags,2,Ladies Handbags,1,Ladies and Gents Footwear,1,Ladies Apparel,17,Ladies Bags,2,Ladies Beachwear,2,ladies bikinis shop,42,Ladies Clothing,3,Ladies denim wear,1,Ladies Dresses,1,Ladies fashion garment,13,Ladies fashion hats,1,Ladies fashion shoes,1,Ladies Garment,2,Ladies Garments,1,Ladies Garments Store,1,Ladies Handbags,98,ladies high fashion,9,Ladies tops,5,ladies watch,1,ladies wear,12,ladies wear clothing,1,Ladies wear supplier,34,Ladies' Handbags,7,Ladieswear Garment Buyers in PORTUGAL,1,Laptops,2,Las Vegas,1,lasting garments,1,latest trends,1,leading brand,1,Leather,2,leather accessory,2,leather bags,5,Leather Belts,1,Leather Garment,27,Leather Goods,4,Leather Industry,1,Leather Manufacturer,2,Leather Products,33,Leather Raw Materials,1,Leather Raw Materials,5,Leather Trade show,1,Leather wear,1,legacy,1,Legging,1,Leisure Wear,37,Liaison Office,14,licensed clothing,1,lifestyle brand,2,lifestyle brands,1,Lifestyle Retailer,1,Lifestyle Store,3,Lindex,1,line intimate,1,Linen,1,Lingerie,46,lingeries,2,Linings,4,Lithium Batteries,1,London,3,Loops,1,Loungewear,18,loyal buyers,1,Lubov Azria,1,Luggage,7,Luxury,4,luxury brand,5,luxury designer bags,1,luxury fashion,8,Luxury Goods,7,luxury level,1,luxury menswear,2,luxury watches,2,Made in Italy,4,Magnetic Jewelry,1,Magnetic Materials,1,Mainline Menswear,1,Manchester,1,Manufacture,1,Manufacturer,169,manufacturers,5,manufacturing,2,market analysis,2,marketing,1,Marketing Apparel,1,marques de vêtements designer,18,Massager,1,Massimo Dutti,1,Materials,5,Max Azria,2,mber beads,1,Mechanical Watches,3,Medical Equipment,2,Medical Supplies,3,Melbourne,1,men,1,Men's,6,Men's Apparel,16,Men's Apparel store,1,men's cap,1,Men's clothes,1,Men's Clothing,9,men's fashion,5,Men's Footwear,1,Men's garment,1,men's store,1,Men's swimwear,1,Men's Underwear,3,Men's watch,2,Men's wear,13,Men's Wear Brands,2,Men's Wear Distributor,1,Mens clothes,10,mens clothing,4,Mens Denims,3,mens designer clothing,13,mens fashion,1,Mens garments,2,mens store,1,Mens wear,13,Menswear,5,menswear specialty store,1,merchandise,1,Mesdames paillettes usure,5,metal accessories,1,Metal Crafts,5,Michael Bastian,1,Middle East,2,Midwest fashion,1,Military Supplies,3,Mittens,19,Mobile Phone Accessories,3,Mobile Phones,3,Moda giyim alıcılar,16,Moda indumento acquirenti,16,Mode Kleid Käufer,16,Mode of Payment,1,modern fit,1,modernity,1,Montreal,1,Motorcycles,1,Motors,1,MP3 Players,2,MQ,1,Multi brand,8,Mumbai,17,Nail Care,1,Natural Crafts,1,Natural Fibers,1,Natural Remedies,1,Necklace,1,Necklaces,46,Necklaces Earrings,1,Nepal,1,Netherlands,4,New Delhi,4,New York,6,New York City,2,New York Fashion Week,1,New York style,1,New York-based brand,1,New Zealand,1,Newborn wear,1,Nicole Miller,1,Night suits,1,nightwear,3,Noida,7,Non-woven Cloth,3,Noodles,1,North America,1,Northern Europe,1,Notebooks,2,Notebooks/Laptops,1,Nudie Jeans,1,Nursery Furniture,1,off-price retail,1,Olah Inc,1,on-trend designs,1,online boutique,1,online distribution hubs,1,online fashion,1,online platform,1,online retail,1,online shopping,6,Optical Instrument,1,Opticals,1,organic cotton,1,organizations,1,Others,8,Outerwear,36,Outwear & Sweaters,1,overstocks,1,Oysho,1,P&C,1,Packaging,2,Packaging Designing,1,packaging items,1,Pailletten Damenoberbekleidung,5,Pajamas,17,Panel Furniture,1,Panties,11,Pants,57,Pants Trousers,1,Paper,1,Paris,1,Partei Kleidung tragen,13,parti giyim,13,partito indossare indumenti,13,partnerships,1,Parts,4,party wear clothing,13,Pavers,1,payetli bayan giyim,5,Pearl Jewelry,2,Peek & Cloppenburg,1,perfect fit,1,Perlen Abendmode,36,Photo,5,Picture Frame,7,Picture Frames,1,Pillow,1,Plank,1,Planning,1,Plastic Toys,1,Plastics,1,Plus size,1,Plus Size Boutique,1,Plus size Garment Boutique Distributor and Wholesaler,2,Plus size Garments,1,Police,3,Polo,1,Polo Shirts,1,Polyester,1,Polyester Neckties,1,Polyester Fabric,3,Polyester Neckties,1,porter des vêtements de fête,13,Portugal,1,Precision Parts,1,Premium Brand,3,Printing Machinery,1,Printing Service,1,Private Label,1,Processing,20,Processing Embroidery,1,Processing Ladies Handbags,1,Products,3,produttori di abbigliamento da donna,21,progettista indumento di seta,22,Prom Dresses,2,Promotion Gifts,16,Promotional apparel,1,Promotional clothing,1,Promotional items,1,prototype,1,Pull&Bear,1,Pulp,1,Purpose Shoes,1,Purses,15,PVC clothes,1,quality,1,quality control,1,quality denim,1,quality lifestyles,1,Quartz Analog Watches,4,Queensland,1,Quinceanera dresses,1,Racks,2,Radio,2,Rainwear,1,raw materials,1,Rayon,1,Rayons,1,Razors,1,Reading Glasses,2,Reading Glasses,1,Ready Made Clothing,1,Ready To Wear Garments,1,Ready-to-wear,4,Readymade Garments,1,Related Machine,1,Related Machine,4,Related Products,1,Residential Carpets,1,Resin,1,Resort wear,3,Resortwear,1,Retail,36,retail industry,4,retail market,1,retail outlets,1,retail sales,1,retail stores,2,retail trade,1,Retailer,7,retailers,2,Rica Lewis,1,ricamato Abbigliamento Donna,5,Rings,17,River Island,1,Rowing Boat,1,Rubber,2,Safety Products,2,Safety Shoes,3,sales,1,Sandals,8,Santa Cruz,1,savoir-faire,1,scarf,4,Scarves,27,School Uniforms,1,Scotch & Soda,1,scrunchy bikinis,42,seawear,1,Second-hand clothing,1,Secondhand Clothes,1,self-confidence,1,Semi-Precious,1,Semi-Precious Stones,2,Semiprecious Stones,1,Sequin dresses,1,sequined ladies wear,5,sera in rilievo l'usura,36,Service Agent,2,Sewing Machinery,2,Sex Products,2,sexy outfits,1,sexy womens swimwear,42,Shapers,3,Shaving Products,1,Shawls,25,Sheet,1,Sheet Cover,1,Shirts,78,Shirts and Blouses,1,shoes,18,Shoes Parts,1,Shoes Parts,5,Shop designer dresses,1,Shopping Bags,2,Shorts,1,signore di alta moda,8,signore paillettes usura,5,signore portano fornitore,33,silicone,1,Silk,6,Silk Garment,12,Silk neck ties,1,Silk Neckties,15,Silver,21,Silver Jewelry,5,Skiing,1,Skirts,30,Skiwear,1,Sleepwear,19,Sliders,5,slipper,2,Slippers,5,Sneakers,1,Soccer,5,Sockets,1,Socks,24,Software,1,soir perles usure,36,sophisticated designs,1,sourcing,2,Sourcing Agency,121,Sourcing Agent,36,Sourcing Agents,5,sourcing and designing,1,Souvenirs,1,Spain,2,Special Occasions,1,Speciality,1,specialty store,2,Specialty Watches,1,Spencers,3,Sponges,2,spor,1,sport bags,1,Sport Product Agents,6,sport socks,1,sport wear,2,Sporting Goods,1,sports,2,Sports Eyewear,1,Sports Shoes,2,Sports Advertising,1,sports and outdoor gear,1,Sports Bags,2,sports coats,1,Sports Eyewear,1,Sports footwear,1,sports products,1,Sports Shoes,22,Sportswear,5,Sportswear Brand,1,Sportswear clothing,1,Sportswear Distributor,1,stainless steel,1,Start a Garment Business,1,Stefano Gabbana,1,Sterling Jewelry,2,Sterling Silver Jewelry,25,stock lot importers,1,stock lots Buyers,1,Stockings,22,Stones,2,Storage,2,store openings,1,Stradivarius,1,Streets Ahead,1,style,3,style heritage,1,stylish clothing,1,Sugar,1,Suits,25,Suits and Tuxedos,1,Summer dresses,1,Sunglasses,45,superior quality,1,Supplier,5,suppliers,2,supply chain,1,sustainability,2,sustainable fashion,1,Sweaters,68,Sweaters Supplier,1,SWEDEN,1,Sweeteners,1,Swimsuits,2,Swimwear,48,Swimwear Beachwear,2,Switzerland,3,Sydney,2,t-shirt,3,T-Shirts,149,T-Shirts Distributor,1,T-shirts supplier,1,Table Cloth,1,Tag,1,Tags,6,target market,1,tasarımcı giyim koleksiyonu,9,tasarımcı giyim markaları,18,tasarımcı giyim süslenmiş,16,tasarımcı ipek giysi,22,Tassel Cords,3,Tee Shop,1,Television,2,Tennis,1,Texas-based company,1,textil wast,1,textile,2,Textile Stocks,1,Textile Accessories,15,Textile Agency,1,Textile Agents,11,textile company,2,textile consulting,1,Textile distributor,1,textile heritage,1,textile industry,5,Textile Machinery,3,textile machines,1,Textile manufacturer,1,Textile Manufacturing,1,Textile Processing,2,Textile Projects,1,Textile Stocks,16,textile supplier Germany,1,Textiles,6,textiles industry,1,Thailand,1,Thongs,10,Thongs Boxers,1,Thread,1,Tie Bars,2,Tie Clips,2,Tie Pins,2,ties,1,tights,2,Timber,1,timeless,1,timeless beauty,1,Tirupur,20,Toddlers,2,Tool Sets,1,top designer names,1,Top Designers,1,Tops,1,toptan giyim tasarımcısı,15,torsos,1,Towel,7,Toys,1,Trade Fair,3,Trade fair in Europe,1,Trade Show,6,Trade show in Italy,2,trade shows,2,Trading Comany,1,Trading compant,1,Trading Company,228,Trading Consulting,2,Transfer Printing,1,Travel Products,1,trends,3,trends analysis,1,Trendy Tops,1,Trolley Bags,1,Trolley Bags,6,Trousers,57,Tunics,6,Tuxedo,24,TV Equipment,2,UK,11,uk apparel brands,1,Umbrellas,1,Under Garments,1,Underwear,8,Underwear Set,1,Underwear Accessories,2,Underwear Set,15,underwears,1,unglasses,1,Uniforms,20,United Kingdom,11,United States,61,United States stores,1,USA,63,USA Garment Buyers in usa,1,USA Retail,1,Used Clothes,3,Used Clothes,10,used shoes,3,user-friendly,1,Uterqüe,1,vacation dresses,1,vacation wear,1,Vests,3,vêtement de mode pour femmes,12,vêtement de soie designer,22,vêtements de créateurs indiens,32,vêtements pour femmes collection de vêtements,9,Victorian style,1,Video Phones,1,vintage art,1,vintage designer clothing,30,Vintage Designer-Kleidung,30,vintage tasarımcı giyim,30,Viscose,1,visionary,1,Vogue,1,Wallets,19,Watch Distributors,1,watch suppliers,1,Watches,4,Weaving Company,1,Wedding dress,1,Wedding Dresses,1,Western Europe,5,wet blue leather,1,White Homme,1,Wholesale,8,wholesale designer clothing,15,Wholesale distributor,4,Wholesale fashion,2,Wholesale Handbags,2,Wholesale Kintwear,1,Wholesale Men's Fashion,1,wholesale trade,1,Wholesale Watches,1,Wholesaler,292,Wholesaler Bras,1,wholesalers,3,wholesalers in Germany,1,Winter Clothes,6,wires,1,women underwear,2,Women's,6,women's accessories,1,women's apparel,17,women's apparel brand,1,Women's apparel store,1,Women's Bangles,1,Women's Beachwear,1,women's cap,1,Women's clothes,3,women's clothing,18,Women's Clothing retail,2,women's fashion,2,Women's footwear,1,Women's garment,2,Women's handbags,1,women's shoe retailer,1,Women's sweaters,1,Women's swimwear,2,women's tiny bikinis,42,Women's Underwear,2,Women's wear,23,Women's wear Brands,2,Women's Wear In Style,1,Women's wear store in USA,1,women'wear,2,womens beachwear manufacturers,21,womens Clothes,1,Womens clothing,9,Womens Denims,2,womens dress,1,Womens garment,1,womens garment manufacturers,21,Womens wear,11,womens wholesale garment,20,womenswear,1,Wooden,1,Wooden Toys,1,Wool,2,Wool Fabrics,6,Wool Textile Materials,2,wool waste,1,Workwear,21,woven dresses,1,Yarn,8,Zalando,1,Zara,2,Zara Home,1,Zimmermann,1,Zippers,5,
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USA Garment Buyers list, Apparel Buyers Europe, Clothing importers in UK, Buying Agents Middle East
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