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PRICE POINTSRetailer price points range from off price, budget, popular, moderate, and better.
RETAILER TYPESThis package includes department store, specialty chains, boutiques and some catalog retailers.
SAMPLE COMPANIESThis Sales Leads list includes buyer contacts at stores, such as: Roberto cavalli, Mango S.L., BIG BANG CLOTHING, El Corte Ingles, Metro Group, vakko, LA REDOUTE PORTUGAL, Shimi, Kate Boutique, THE AGENCY SHOWROOM, L.P. Studio, Daneechi, A Jour, Adam et Eve, Adely, Scala, Petit.
SAMPLE LISTINGBelow is a sample of the type of informaiton you will find on this list. For a sample of how list information will appear in excel, download an example file above!

Company OR Brand name : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Contact Name: xxxxxxxxxx May be their and may not be their
Address : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx100%
Phone no: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx100%
Fax no: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx95%
E-mail add: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Website add: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Products : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

UPDATES:All information in our database is updated every year to guarantee you have the most up-to-date info as possible. Please understand that information can change rapidly and we do our best to catch as much unforeseen movement as we can. Sometimes list mistakes happen, which is why we also put extra contacts on your order just incase. This list carries our guarantee of your total unlimited use. We understand how important it is for you to meet your goals and giving you a successful list is a top priority.
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DISCLAIMER:All prices are subject to change without notice.
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